Private tutoring

Private tuition with VIA Language Services covers three main categories; Children, Business and Conversation. They include one-on-one lessons and groups.


Children – When teaching children I think it is important to have fun as well as to learn, so all of my lessons include games and activities that will get the kids learning – while they are playing! I teach in English using the immersion method, so that they can get used to English and practice it in a comfortable way.

For beginners I teach the basics, including the alphabet, body parts, colours and animals. For new starters we move into adjectives, sentence structure and developing language, and for teens we get into more complex grammar, producing longer texts and preparation for tests. The structure of these lessons can be adjusted for any level and age.


Business – In the modern world it’s very important to be understood, and with English still riding high as the global lingua franca, your ability with English can make a big difference.

Through my work with Berlitz International as well as my own private tutoring, I have worked with a number of professionals to improve their English for presentations, small talk, becoming more comfortable speaking up at meetings and personal development.

The lessons are structured to suit your needs, with reading, speaking and listening activities combined with relevant grammar practice that will help you to feel more comfortable with English in the workplace.


Conversation – If you’re planning on travelling, would like to meet new people or just want to brush up your existing English skills, you can try the conversational classes offered here. The lesson structure is more relaxed than the other classes, with the focus being on practicing conversation and becoming more relaxed with speaking English.


All of these lessons can be done at your house, my house, a cafe or library or another location of your choosing. I also provide Skype and Adobe Connect lessons for those based internationally.